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As adults, there are many things we need to take care of. The car, the house, the dog. But is your toothbrush on the list? It should be! Here are 3 basic steps to taking care of your toothbrush.

Replace it Frequently: Toothbrushes only last three to four months. This is true even if the bristles look “just fine.” In fact, your brush should be replaced even sooner if the bristles look frayed or worn out. When you look to purchase a toothbrush, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the package. This ensures a quality product that has been extensively tested for both safety and efficacy. If you are somewhere that doesn’t have the ADA Seal available, buy the softest brush you can find.

Store It Alone
: Don’t store your toothbrush near other toothbrushes. If you must do so, due to space constraints or other problems, be sure that the heads of the toothbrushes don’t touch. Touching heads contaminates toothbrushes. Replace contaminated brushes as soon as possible.

Store it Vertically
: Every time you are done using your toothbrush, store it upright in a well-ventilated area. This will allow any moisture to drain off, which reduces the bacteria present on your brush. The open air will help dry it off and further reduce bacterial growth.

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