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Do you know what a cavity is? A cavity arises due to a hole in your tooth enamel. Oftentimes, cavities are the product of acids chewing through your tooth enamel until the point a hole forms. To help prevent cavities from arising, always establish effective cleaning routines and have a healthy diet in place that is low in acidic products.

Due to the risks of acids in the foods and drinks you consume, eliminate products from your diet that can put your teeth and gums at extra risks of dental damage. Everything from products with a low pH level to sugars and starches that can be converted in acids in your mouth are all dangerous and can potentially contribute to cavities in your teeth.

Beyond exercising caution with your diet, you will want to establish an effective oral hygiene cleaning routine so that products you’re using can keep your mouth clean of plaque so that you remain cavity free. Everything from your toothbrushes and toothpaste to your dental floss can play a significant role in making sure your mouth stays safe.

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