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Many people find that a white and winning smile is an important factor in self-image and helps bolster the kind of self-confidence that empowers personal success. Chronic staining problems, mismatched fillings and other cosmetic imperfection in your smile can rob you of this effect and leave you wanting for solutions.

In a situation like this many people in the Norristown, Pennsylvania area will schedule a consultation with Dr. Maral Seroon to explore their cosmetic dentistry options. One of the most effective ways to improve the overall appearance of your smile while also helping to resist future dental stains is to have your smile enhanced by dental veneers.

These are thin shells made from a dental-grade porcelain material. They are custom-designed in a professional dental lab to fit over the faces of each tooth in your smile. At the same time, the veneers will not be as receptive to stains as your natural tooth enamel. Since microscopic stain particles can’t adhere and penetrate your teeth, to help maintain your white smile in the future.

If one or two of your teeth suffer from tooth decay, or the tooth enamel has been compromised by a pre-existing filling, Dr. Maral Seroon might recommend a porcelain crown restoration.

If you live in the Norristown, Pennsylvania area and you are interested in dental veneers, you should call 484-704-7675 to set up a consultation with Dr. Maral Seroon.