What is tooth extraction?

Our gentle dentists and dental team at Joy Dental strive to provide you and your family with conservative, quality dental treatments. While we do everything we can to save your natural teeth, we may sometimes need to remove a tooth to improve the health of your smile. The removal of a tooth is called tooth extraction. Our dentist only recommends tooth extraction when it is truly necessary, and we are always happy to consult with you on tooth replacement options both before and after your tooth extraction in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Do I need tooth extraction?

We may suggest tooth extraction in the following cases:

  • Severe infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth and supporting bone tissue
  • A tooth is so seriously decayed or damaged that we cannot effectively restore the tooth with a filling, crown, or other dental restoration
  • There are too many teeth in the mouth, resulting in crowded teeth that cannot be corrected through orthodontics alone

Our caring dental team will make sure that your tooth extraction treatment is as comfortable as possible, and we will also provide you with at-home care instructions so you can properly care for your smile as it heals. For more information on tooth extraction, we welcome you to contact our office today. We are eager to help you improve your smile!