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Your teeth can be damaged in a myriad of ways at all times of the day, even when we sleep. Not only can harmful foods and bacteria come together in our mouths that can create harmful acids that corrode tooth enamel or eat healthy gum tissues, but our teeth themselves could be harmful. A condition called bruxism is caused when a person unconsciously grinds and clenches their teeth, often while fast asleep.

Are you unconsciously harming your teeth? Here are some ways to check for bruxism:

– You could be at risk for bruxism if your jaw has been known to lock up or gets stuck in place.
– You suffer from a temporomandibular disorder that has damaged the joints in your jaw.
– You have teeth that appear to be worn down or are extremely sensitive.
– You have abnormal markings and indentations on your tongue and inner cheek tissue.
– You struggle with pain when fully opening and closing your mouth
– You experience pain in your head in places beyond your jaw, including your face and ears.

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