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Dental attrition can occur when minor deviations in your dentition cause two of your teeth to wear on each other. As this starts to happen an increasing amount of tooth enamel and dental structure can gradually erode from the tooth. In time a new cavity could form in the area, or the tooth could suffer a significant dental fracture.

With early detection, Dr. Maral Seroon might be able to treat the dental attrition with a simple dental filling. This might also call for making minor edits to one of the teeth with a dental contouring treatment. To do this Dr. Maral Seroon uses a special dental drill to remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the offending tooth that caused the dental attrition.

If the compromised area of tooth enamel is large or a new area of tooth decay has developed Dr. Maral Seroon might recommend a dental crown restoration. This will involve removing the entire tooth enamel layer and replacing it with an alternate dental material.

Going forward Dr. Maral Seroon will continue to monitor the issues during your routine dental checkups.

If you live in the Norristown, Pennsylvania, area and you have a tooth suffering from dental attrition you should call 484-704-7675 to have it treated and repaired at Joy Dental.